Leader in Poland

Poland entered the European Union structures in 2004, when the LEADER + program (for 2000- 2006) was implemented, and only through the efforts of many institutions and organizations involved in rural development occurred a Pilot Program in the LEADER +. Institution responsible for the shape of this action is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development while engaged in the implementation of the Foundation of Assistance Programs for Agriculture (FAPA). 
The pilot program LEADER + has been divided into two phases- schemes. The first one carried out in late 2005 and in 2006 was designed to prepare local communities to work together to build the organizational framework in the form of Local Action Groups. 
Villagers who want to work in mainstream leader must first know and understand the rules, then learn to work in partnership, carry out joint projects involving representatives of three sectors: social, economic and public life. A new form of action involving a comprehensive look at the area, not through the prism of their village or community, their institution or company but a much broader, addressing the needs of the wider community, and much more development possibilities. Therefore, the action PPL + in the first schema resources were used to build the structure of the LAG and the Integrated Rural Development Strategy. LAG could take the form of foundations, associations, or associations connection. The financial support for the establishment of LAGs could apply for and schedule local rural and urban-rural or their associations, legal persons: foundations, associations and unions and NGOs. LEADER + Pilot Program was implemented in rural communities or urban-rural, the area inhabited by 10 to 100 thousand inhabitants (an area of at least one seat). To the scheme joined 174 beneficiaries. In this scheme, did not participate, none of the municipalities, which then formed the Lower Vistula River Bend LAG.


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