European Taste Trail Network

The project aims to valorize and promote local products and cultural and social heritage of the countryside. Implies active cooperation of local governments and organizations on rural development.

The variety and quality of the typical local products is one of the most strategic resources of agricultural land in Europe. The intention of the program is not only the promotion of local raw materials but also to facilitate access to them up to create a thriving market itself, in which the products will be available. This must be possible through the cooperation of representatives from three sectors (public, social and economic) to the local economy and the exchange of experiences between countries of the European Union.

The project began with the Italian Tuscan LAGs FarMaremma in 2006. So far the European Taste Trail?s, members are 8 Local Action Groups from 8 countries: Italy, Spain, Wales, Ireland, Czech, Hungarian, Greek and Poland. Periodically held a meeting of partners in different countries. Nearby scheduled meeting will be held in Poland 21-24 August in the territory of the Lower Vistula River Bend.

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